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I I have trust issues. I know this for a fact. My friends know this as well. So, I don’t usually say I trust something if I really don’t. Trust is a big word for me.

Wait. Wait. Why am I so serious now? Haha! Anyway, hey there guys! Today should be a happy and fun day. You know why? It is because today the Flawless Clinic is celebrating their 16 years! So as to thank them and to invite you guys as well to try their services, I am going to make a list of why I trust this beauty hub. Let’s not make this intro long, so let’s start!


Talking about 16 years, 16 years is 16 years. If they have been in service for that long, that means they have the expertise in providing their services to their customers.


This is the one that matters most. We need a clinic that delivers. I have been to a different clinic before and I had a bad experience. I wasted around 8000 bucks for nothing. After several sessions, I can’t see a result.

But with Flawless, it is a different story.  I can understand some procedures may take several sessions in order for us to see the effect but so far, I am happy with the services that I have already tried. No complaints at all.


I am really impressed by how expansive their services are. When you browse through their website you can actually see a lot of services, procedures, and products you can avail.

For example, the list facials alone. They have 29 different types of facials catered to the specific need we have. I had a hard time choosing what to avail. Haha!


I think all beauty clinics should have real doctors present in their clinic all the time. Why are they called clinics if there are no doctors present anyway? I am not trusting a beauty clinic again if they’re no doctors in it.

With that said, I love that Flawless has a doctor that actually does the “major” services every single time that I go there. I had the beauty drip yesterday and the doctor actually did the service on me.


This one is a little biased. Look at your screen now and you can see totally see why I love the vibe of Flawless Clinic. Haha! Their color branding is pink! You know I love any shade of pink or peach.

And not only that, I have no qualms about their customer service. I mean their staff are friendly and their SM City Cebu clinic, the clinic that I always visit, is well maintained and it is not crowded. There is room for everyone there.

So that’s it, guys! It is very important that you go to a beauty clinic that has a strong and reliable background and history. With that, you can be sure that your money does not go to waste and more importantly, your health will not be in jeopardy.

By the way, you should be visiting the Flawless Clinic this December 8, 9 and 10 so that you can avail the Beauty Dash #RaceToBeauty. This means you can get up to 50% off on all services on those 3 days! See you there!