HHave you noticed the sky lately? Yeah! Itโ€™s more sun and little to no clouds at all. It is pretty obvious that summer is within our grasp. If you havenโ€™t read my previous post, Iโ€™ve been hyping about it. Maybe thatโ€™s why my happiness really translated through the photos there. (LOL)

Probably by now youโ€™re already planning where to go, who to go with and maybe when the getaway will happen. Arenโ€™t you forgetting something? Is that all? Are you sure? How about what you will wear?

If you are planning or have planned about it, well, I like you already! If not, then donโ€™t worry. I will give you some pointers on what to wear this summer.

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Ok, so letโ€™s start with what trends almost all clothing brands are offering. First, the colors, youโ€™ll see lots of green on clothes this summer. It will be on bomber jackets, shirts, shorts, and chinos. I suggest to opt for a darker shade of green and pair it with white, light gray or any color near to those.



Stripes are also on trend but well; stripes, in my opinion, will never die. Stripes can go from rainy season to summer. A blue stripe on white combination is best for summer. It will give you the nautical or sailor look.

Last on my list is the wide-leg trousers. I have some hesitations using a wide-leg pants because it makes me look shorter because honestly, Iโ€™ll always be a skinny jeans guy. So, as an alternative, I tried this relaxed fit chinos.

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Remember, trends are just trends. They are not permanent. As Iโ€™ve said before, itโ€™s always wise to invest on staples rather than on trends so if you want a certain trend, make sure it fits your personality and most of all it makes you look and feel good.


Striped Long Sleeve T-shirt by UNIQLO

Green Chino Trousers byย PULL&BEAR

Watchย byย TechnoMarine

White Boat Shoes byย Sperry

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March 12, 2016