DDid you guys have a great week? I hope you did! Me? Well… as you can see, it’s obvious with the big smile on my face. There are many things to be joyful, optimistic and excited about with what’s going on in my life.

One of it is the season that’s coming, summer! I just can’t wait for the summer season. With it just around the corner, I need to plan my new adventures, travels and fashion, of course!

IMG_8096 cebu denim fashion cebu blogger style IMG_8437

While waiting, I had to do normal errands. If I haven’t mentioned it before, I live alone and I pretty much do everything by myself. I’m usually dressed laid-back when I’m doing chores outside but a bit elevated to look presentable. I went with denim on denim. We Filipinos are really fond of denim, and who isn’t? Denim trousers, for example, are very versatile. It is the first choice for those times that we are in a hurry and don’t have the moment to think what we’re going to wear.

cebu denim fashion cebu blogger style lloydIMG_8432

One tip for wearing denim on denim is never pair two pieces with the same weight and wash. You don’t want to look very matchy-matchy. With this outfit, I paired a light colored short sleeve shirt with a tad darker denim pants. I also layered a white tee under the shirt for dimension and a little pop. Second advice is to go with distressed denim. It is, by the way, an ongoing trend. This pants that I wore was an old one. I gave it a new look by ripping and distressing the knee area, a little DIY.

cebu denim fashion cebu blogger style

Still staying true with my motto, “Always look your best” Even if you’re just grocery shopping or doing some errands, always look your best. Seeya!


Short Sleeve Denim Shirt by TOPMAN

DIY Distressed, Denim Pants by TOPMAN

Watch by TechnoMarine

White Shoes by ZARA