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Ahhh… To be young and free. To have a lot of excuses to make mistakes and to just be immature.  Spoken from a guy that is still in his late 20’s, it isn’t as reliable as when it comes from the mouth of a middle-aged man but just hear me out here.

lloyd chua cebu blogger


I just turned 28 and I’m feeling really old. This is a yearly feeling especially on my birthday month but this year is different. It is different because I feel like there’s a shift already. I’m not part of the young crowd anymore. For years, I left like I was part of it but recently I am feeling like I’m not. There’s a divide already.

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But I don’t want to feel old. I believe what you envision is what will actually happen and who wants to look and feel old, right? As for everything about life, having that balance is key. It doesn’t mean if you’re older, you can never feel young. I am optimistic and I admit that sometimes I do feel young.

lloyd chua cebu blogger
lloyd chua cebu blogger


I feel young when I take new challenges and feel very ecstatic when I achieve it. I feel young when I get lost. What I mean is when I travel and explore more places and experiences. I feel young when you have already accepted your strengths and flaws and find ways to make them your strength someday. I feel young when I learn new things. As someone I don’t remember said, “Every single day is a chance to learn something new.” I feel young when I get physical. Physical meaning, I take myself to new heights when it comes to my physical and mental health. And the most important is when you just enjoy the moment. Just enjoy it. Every moment.

lloyd chua cebu blogger


I’m not saying I getting old is bad. Getting older is golden. I mean, if you’re older, you are wiser and more experienced. If you reach that certain age, you know better how to traverse life’s problems. And getting old is an achievement. Not all people have reached the age that you are in now. So, congratulate yourself as I would to myself. 😉

It has been a while that I have posted a very personal post and I do apologize for that. There is a lot on my plate as of the moment like my work and my dreams. Until the next time. Happy birthday self. I am happy that you have reached thus success and I hope you will have happiness and contentedness pretty soon.