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Y You may be wondering why I am talking about confidence and why I am so under-dressed with this style post with this simple blue denim jeans and blue faded Tommy shirt. Well… when I look at these output photos 2 weeks after the outfit was photographed, I can’t help myself notice that I am wearing simple clothes. There is not much of an embellishment that is happening. Aside from the perky sunglasses, there is really none. There must be really something present which made me like the photos.

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And it hits me and actually, the incident made me smile quite automatically. It is CONFIDENCE. All Caps for emphasis. I mean, what is the point of dressing well or wearing the ‚Äúdopest‚ÄĚ get up? To look attractive for whoever or whatever reason. We would think ‚ÄúI would wear the most fashionable get up so that I would be attractive‚ÄĚ then and only then we would feel confident to go out and meet friends or maybe confident that my crush would notice me. Wrong. For me, it is actually the other way around.

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Confidence itself makes you attractive. True story and not the other way around. We do find ways or reasons to make ourselves confident. I need to have a fit body to be confident. I need to have the best haircut to be confident. I need to have that expensive box logo Supreme shirt to be confident. No, all false. The more confident you are the more you are attractive. Confident in a good way.

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Let’s take, such as a guy named Billy. He may not be the most handsome guy out there but he has something. He has confidence in himself. The way he owns the room in every situation. Billy does not get intimidated that easily and he actually and confidently communicates his thoughts and ideas well. He does that care what he wears as long as he looks decent. Billy does not even get worried of his girlfriend being flirted with some other guys because he is not petty and not a jealous type of guy. Billy is a very attractive guy because he is confident. Don’t you agree?


I am not saying we should be confident with everything and just settle. Improving ourselves must be a constant undertaking. We all want to be the best version of ourselves. This is personal pride and is not something necessary to be confident. You don’t need to tell yourself that you need these things to be confident.

What is necessary is self-validation. I mean stop needing the validation of others. All you need is the validation coming from yourself. In other words, your core confidence. It is what we believe in. It is what we believe how much is our worth. It is what we believe what we deserve. It is what we believe on what we can achieve And lastly, it is what we believe what our mark would be in this world. I am not that confident yet, not even close to what I am saying here but I am and we all should be a work in progress about confidence.

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I believe and as an ending thought, core confidence is about not how much we have achieved already in our lives. It is about what we believe is possible for ourselves. I would like Matthew H. for making me have these thoughts.

Photographed By Ken Triana

Art Direction By Lloyd Chua

Styling By Lloyd Chua

Photo Post-Processing By Lloyd Chua