HHi, guys! I’m back to regular programming. The last blog post was full of emotions and I have to let it all out for my sanity. And as I’ve checked many of you guys read it. And now I’m a bit ashamed of what I have written there. Haha!


Anyhow, as you’ve seen on my social media, I went home to my hometown, which is in Leyte. It has been always my habit to just go home and recharge when I am really sad or my problems are simply piling up. Try it if you haven’t. It really works. True enough, I feel recharged when I came back to Cebu. I feel I am ready to pick up the pieces of myself that are shattered. I would melt them down and mold another better and stronger version of myself.


And to do that, I have to be genuine in everything because I felt like I was being unreal with you guys. If you would have read all my earlier posts except the last one, all of them are very safe. That I was hiding a lot from you. I felt like I am ashamed of showing myself to you and the world. I thought I am already confident but I was wrong. Subconsciously, I am shielding myself.  I would only post about how was the weather or like how my process of the photo shoot came to be or why I picked my outfit.

Not just talking about my blog, I am also talking about all my social media platforms, especially on my Instagram. I have also come to realize I would always hide my face to you guys there. Maybe you guys are feeling I am not really being genuine, which is true. Thus, that is why I have to change.


Yes. I am talking about reinventing the LLOYD & BEHOLD. I would not do the drastic type, though. Baby steps, I would take. I am doing this because since I have posted the earlier blog post I felt like I was being myself. I felt liberated and I want to continue to feel that. No more what ifs and no more “maybe they won’t like me”. Time to show the complete and whole Lloyd. The 5’5” tall, awkward, quirky, chubby, style savvy, Cebu-based newbie Lifestyle blogger.


To give way for the change, I opted to be out of the norm from my earlier posts. I am inspired by the club “neon-sy” lights. Ken and I had this photo shoot done at what else? At Mango Avenue, of course. We all know this is the club central of Cebu or whatever. You know what I mean. Haha! I chose to wear my UNREAL hoodie, which is really timely with my theme, eh? I layered it with a black formal blazer. It is an ongoing trend and I like it! To make the get up more street I opted to wear my favorite light denim ripped jeans and my overly used white shoes. All the colors of the outfit are basic so that the red color of the hoodie would pop.

So there it is you guys. Being true to yourself is really liberating. This doesn’t though that I will be tactless and just say whatever I want to say when I want to blurt it out. It will still be filtered but not so filtered that I am just not showing the REAL me. I have always been a shy type of person. My first year of blogging, I think, is my warming up period. I still have a lot to offer so stay tuned for more changes and I can promise you that it will be very visible soon. See you!



Red Hoodie by H&M

Ripped Jeans by TOPMAN

Black Blazer by ZARA

Shoes by ZARA

Photogaphed By: Ken Triana

Art Direction By: Lloyd Chua

Styling By: Lloyd Chua

Photo Post-Processing By: Lloyd Chua

March 16, 2017