HHey guys! I’m writing this post days after the Sinulog 2017 festivities and I’m like: “What now?” There were so many things that had happened this Sinulog that after all of those, I felt a big burden has been lifted. We cannot deny that Sinulog is a big event here in Cebu and almost all Cebuanos cannot escape it.

Speaking of  “what now” and “what’s next”, the next major thing is summer 2017. I know, we have a month or two to go but it makes me giddy thinking what adventures I would partake. The planning stage starts at this moment and so there is already one that I’m sure is happening. Stay tuned to that!

I’m not even remotely ready for summer though. I meant my body is not ready for summer. Ughh… still shredding these holiday fat. (LOL)


Anyway, if I am not mistaken, it is still the holiday season. People are still wearing layers and the temperature outside is chilly. But as we go nearer to March the temperature gets warmer. I like to call this time the gray period. It is the period between the transition from the fall/winter season to the spring/summer or for us here in the Philippines, from rainy season to the summer.

In this moment it is quite chilly but when we layer some clothes, it gets too warm after. It is quite gray. It is in between. It is neither black nor white. It is neither cold nor warm. Did you get my point? I know I am a bit confusing but so is this period.


That is why I’m still sporting layers here. This gray jacket inspired me to go on with this theme.  The gray overall color of the post symbolizes the period that we are experiencing now and what I am talking about. I love this blue button down polo shirt type of top that I got. So, I paired it with my blue slacks. If you have remembered I already used this on my earlier post and maybe for a future one too. What can I say; I really like it. Haha! Anyway, I went to go with the same color for the top and bottom so that the gray jacket would be the star and the effect will also make me look taller. For accessories, I wore my white gold bracelet and another white beaded bracelet to match the ensemble. And same goes to the footwear: my white overly used sneakers.

Photographed By: Ken Triana


Gray Jacket by Burton

Blue Button Down Polo Shirt by Burton

Blue Slacks by Bershka

White Shoes by ZARA

Moonstone Beaded Bracelet by Gems & Designs

What do you think guys? Are you with me with the “Gray Period”? Or… you think there isn’t any? Haha! Let me know below! Ciao!