NNo, no and no. No, because this post won’t be mushy. No, because I’m not going to talk about love and give you advice on how to get over from your imaginary ex. (Kidding!) And no, I don’t have a romantic relationship with this girl. Haha! She already has a happy family. This is Lyssa Amor of, by the way. She’s also a blogger, a make-up artist, and an entrepreneur. She’s a supermom. I get jealous sometimes on how she manages her time but despite that she’s my closest among my blogger peers.



There are two reasons why I chose “Patched-up Love” as a theme for this style post. For the deeper reason: September was an emotional month. Not just for me but also to some of my friends. Sadly, two of them had breakups. Suddenly, Green Day’s “Wake Me Up When September Ends” was an anthem and it made sense listening to it. Another reason is the ongoing trend of patches. It’s not really fresh. I was skeptical at first. I thought this trend would just die down fast. I’m into pieces that I can use several times for years to come; so buying clothes that have patches was not really a welcome notion.

cebu-fashion-style-blogger-lyssa-amor-couple-24-of-19cebu fashion style blogger


Maybe you can’t tell but I just attached the patches on my denim jacket. The patches were pinned to the jacket! Making sure it’s not obvious; the faces of the pins are under the jacket. Clever, eh? Haha! I’m not sure you can do this to bomber jackets, though. You don’t want to put visible holes on it. You can do this on your jeans, bags, and caps but it will still depend on the material of the pieces you’re putting it on. You can also try stitching it loosely for a cleaner and more authentic look. I say loosely because if you decided to get rid of the patches, you can just  pull it off. I don’t have the patience to stitch it up so I just pinned it all. 😉



I paired my “patched” denim jacket with my black, overly used skinny jeans. Underneath the jacket is a simple black graphic shirt. I chose all black to pair with the denim jacket so that it would pop. The denim jacket is enough to make the entire outfit “nonbasic”.  The shoes and cap are also black. I used my Chelsea boots for a serious, more mature look. I don’t know. I feel like when I’m walking in them, I’m in for a serious mission. (LOL) To complete everything was the cap. It gave a little boyish attitude to the ensemble.

cebu fashion style blogger denim outfit jacket


Patched Denim Jacket by H&M

Black Tee by F&X

Black Spray-On Skinny Jeans by TOPMAN

Black Chelsea Boots by H&M

Black Cap by H&M

Patches by Metro Ayala

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