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TThis right here is my Pokémon Go-inspired style and fashion blog post! LOL. Pokémon Go has been a phenomenon all over the world. It may have come late to our country, the Philippines, but it was and still is a big hit for us Filipinos. What’s actually good about the game is that it pushes you to roam around your area in order for you to catch some Pokémons using GPS. The game also lets you discover new places with the usage of Pokéstops. That’s why it’s not an ordinary game that lets kids just sit at home all day just tinkering with their gadgets. It is a bit of a mental and a physical game.

men style blogger cebu fashion

I, myself have waited for the game’s launch here in the Philippines. It was a month of waiting. Am I right? Upon release, I immediately installed it! I already made the research with the help of Pokémon trainers that are youtubers also.  For a few days, I have gotten a lot of walking thanks to the app. I play the game anywhere and anytime that I forget to do things. So, as any addictions get, I must cut time playing it because I have more priorities to attend to. One of it is this blog!

cebu fashion style blogger forever21cebu fashion style blogger men

Now, to what I’m wearing. As I already mentioned, the Pokémon Go trainer getups inspired my outfit. I didn’t go all copy paste because it would not be practical for the weather in Cebu. So let’s start with my jeans. I’m into white pants recently. I have these pair of white Forever 21 jeans. I ripped the knee area to give it a more street style vibe and more of what my style is.

cebu fashion style blogger forever21

I opted to wear this affordable black tee to make a huge contrast against the white jeans. Black tees with rock/ punk vibe prints are on trend too. For the accessories, I wore my current favorite, which are the round sunglasses. It’s perfect for my angular square-ish face. I also really need “sunnies” for eye protection. The weather is unpredictable so I should always be ready when I catch a Pokémon. I can also keep it safe anyway inside my favorite black bag! I bought this one on sale from Zara. I love everything about it including, its size, color, and structure. It has inside a compartment for a laptop too.

 men style blogger cebu fashion

So, how about you guys? Are you addicted to Pokémon Go like me or not as much?  Or perhaps you got over it already? This soon?! Ughhh… Let me know below and maybe we can trade tips too!  LOL


Black Rock Printed Tee by SM Department Store

White Pants by Forever 21

Round Sunglasses by Forever 21

Black Structured Knapsack Bag by ZARA

Black Gold-framed watch by SM Department Store

Black Onyx Beaded Bracelet by Gems & Designs

White Sneakers by ZARA