DDeuter (doy’ter) opens in Cebu! The world-renowned backpack creator, and the superior designer in regards to mountain pack, biking packs, and daypack has been in the business for 117 years. “Builidng perfect companions for people who are passionate” is their purpose when it comes to sports and other outdoor activities.

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What sets Deuter backpacks from others is the fact that Deuter understands the various facets that can affect the “perceived weight”. Of course, perceived weight is a vital consideration when it comes to travelling outdoors. Their bags are well ventilated to lessen sweating and for each activity, Deuter has a bag for each function uniquely customized. With its long experience in manufacturing backpacks, they can assure you exceptional product durability and quality. New solutions of Deuter Back Systems provide better fit, proper ventilation and function for “maximum customized comfort” and safety.

For seasoned or budding outdoor adventure seekers, visit Deuter now at the Active Zone, 3rd Level of Ayala Center Cebu!

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