Affinity Dental Clinic Cebu Experience

affinity dental clinic cebu philippines

I never had a major problem when it comes to my dental hygiene growing up until college. Brushing my teeth was a routine at night. Mostly. Ha! I do not however floss. It may be the cause why my teeth deteriorated eventually.

The word deteriorate is an exaggeration. I only have a cracked tooth on my upper left side. Last year, I eagerly ate a well cooked and crispy bacon and when I bit it fast and hard. Boom! It became coco crunch! Haha. Nope. Well… it sounded like a coco crunch when my tooth actually cracked. It had a sound and then the ensuing pain was felt. Agony then followed. I actually had it checked immediately and was advised to have a root canal treatment (endodontics). Upon hearing that, I actually got scared and did not do anything about it for months.

Affinity Dental Clinic Cebu Branch

Within those months, chewing was hard and I only ate with my right side of my mouth. I actually got used to it. However, you can’t really fully enjoy the food that you eat if you aren’t fully chewing it, right? That being so, I must someday stop ignoring this predicament and have myself submit to the root canal treatment. It is for my own good anyway. God knows what will happen to my teeth if I let it go untreated.

affinity dental clinic cebu philippines
The Kid’s Room


Recently, I and my fellow Cebu bloggers was invited to have a dental experience at the Affinity Dental Clinic. I thought to myself, “This may be the right time, right?”

Affinity Dental Clinics is a chain of dental clinics that has branches all over the country. They have clinics in Alabang, Bonifacio Global City, Ortigas, Makati and luckily in Cebu as well. They are committed to operating the best chain of dental clinics that delivers the highest quality dental care at the most affordable cost to their customers.

And as I can see and what I experienced, it is true. Upon entering the clinic in IT Park, I was greeted with their welcoming staff, as well as their clean and very modern interiors. Before I was going to have my teeth checked, I was given a little tour in their facility. Before anything else, safety is a priority so I was given a full PPE.

They have the kid’s room which is decorated with a beautiful zoo mural. Kids nowadays are very lucky to get to experience dental clinics with facades that aren’t scary looking.

affinity dental clinic cebu philippines
The X-ray Room


They also have their X-ray room where it houses their state of the art machine that scans teeth thoroughly. I got my teeth checked there and the whole experienced awed me because I never had that experience before and I felt I was in a Star Trek movie. The whole activity was very fast and the staff immediately printed out the X-ray result.

affinity dental clinic cebu philippines
The VIP Room


I was then escorted to the VIP room. Indeed the room was special, spacious and quite nice. This is also the room where I got to meet my dentist and a staff. They were very nice. She explained to me that the root canal treatment has to be done and after that an installation of a crown. I was assured also that root canal treatments aren’t really that scary. In a way, I believe her. I have already decided anyway to have the treatment.

affinity dental clinic cebu philippines


At that moment, the dentist would not be performing the root canal. Instead, she would just be cleaning my teeth and I’ll just set up an appointment on the date that I would like the treatment to be performed. The teeth cleaning experience went by smoothly. I mean by now I already have a lot of experience with teeth cleaning. It really feels good to have my teeth cleaned. Not to mention the teeth looks good too with my teeth white and all.

affinity dental clinic cebu philippines

Overall, it was a good experience. I would still be having my root canal treatment and I would be definitely be coming back to the Affinity Dental Clinic Clinic Cebu. I might be blogging about it soon so stay tuned. Anyway, would I be recommending them to you? Of course! They have top tier dental technology machines that I was told costs millions. They also have good dentists and staff as far as I experienced.

Check them out at their Cebu branch:

G/F Stall 110, EBlock Tower 2, IT Park, Salinas Drive Lahug, Cebu City
(+6332) 401-2781
(+63) 917-632-5718

Operating Hours
Tuesdays to Sundays 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

You can also check their other branches here: