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This would be the first of many of my photography series blog posts where I share how I edit sets of images. This project is so long overdue in terms of updating this blog and for my vision for this series to materialize. Know that I am using a Canon M10 mirrorless camera with the lens 22mm and aperture of 2.0. This set of photos are taken by my good friend Paul Decena with my creative direction at La Vie In The Sky, Busay, Cebu City, near sundown. All images are edited by myself using Lightroom mobile only.

Sun flares do make a nice element in your photo.


I titled this set ITALIA because I was inspired by the vintage movie grading of Gwen Stefani’s music video for the song “Cool”. It is kind of reminiscent of the landscape where these shots are taken.  I, myself, love Italy and it is my dream to visit that magnificent place. My go-to-meal even is pasta. I’m not kidding here. This is just me imagining that I was enjoying a sunny afternoon in a forest somewhere in Italy. You decide if these photos do make me look like I am actually in Italy.

This place is so nice. 😉
Make your model do all the poses. It helps that he or she isn’t shy to do all the posing.

Most of the work is done by La Vie In The Sky’s lighting honestly. The lighting is just exquisite. Lighting is everything and here it is just so perfect. I love taking photos near sundown because the lighting is not harsh and just enough to eluminate the subject that you are capturing. You must be quick though. We all know that sundown goes by fast and preparation is key. You may not know it but the sun has already set and there is no more light for photography unless that is what you’re going for.

Refer to my video below for the complete step by step tutorial on how I edit a sample photo. Please do note that not all photos aren’t edited exactly the same because of the lighting of the different backgrounds, angles and subject but they are more or less edited the same with minor differences only.

Enjoy my photographs and I hope you learned from this first photography series. Ciao!

This is the shot.