HHey, guys! Are you enjoying your summer so far because I am? I’ve been to Bantayan 2 weeks ago and I will be sharing with you, my fashion and style choices there. But before that, as you can see, the blog has a new theme, new colors, and overall interface. I know it is kind of tropical and “beachy”. I just fell in love with the vibe, you know?


We are after all living in a tropical country, Philippines, and Cebu especially has the most beaches, which are very accessible.  We don’t have to travel that far to quench our “Beach Please” dilemma. I also like the effect when I visit my blog, or just see the color combinations that LLOYDANDBEHOLD.COM has. The effect makes me feel happy. That feeling that all your stress is relieved just by seeing the colors. Therapeutic.


Why am I babbling about my new blog face anyway with this style post? Well… it is because of my experience in Bantayan, all my pictures, and all my fashion choices there is very “on-theme” with my new blog design. Don’t you think? Sorry for stating the obvious there. Haha!

bantayan island cebu philippines

Anyway, let’s talk about my Bantayan fashion choices. My Bantayan fashion diary, as promised. My first outfit, for example, was inspired by a piece by Diesel. I just love the pink silk-ish fabric and a pair of embellishment at the front, near the Cuban collar. We all know that Cuban collars are still “in”. I know I cannot buy the Diesel shirt and I know I will not see any similar shirts at any store in Cebu, so I made one myself. Or… maybe the right term would be commissioned a seamstress to have it made.

It is not an exact copy though; I opted to choose a floral patch for the pair embellishments. The fabric tends to stick to your skin when you sweat but I still went for it. I will just take it off or unbutton it if it comes to that. And I did. Haha! Pairing the pink shirt with just a black pair of shorts is a good idea because the shirt is already dominant and I don’t want to look overdressed as it is, on the beach.


The second outfit is about the 90’s vibe. I am still hung over from my last style post that I am still inspired to have that element on my 2nd Bantayan outfit. This time, the tie-dye movement of the 90’s inspired me. I paired my tie-dye T-shirt with my distressed denim shorts, and a black bandana wrapped around my head to complete the look. It is a kind of homage to what Justin Bieber would wear but yeah it wasn’t intentional.

That’s it, you guys! This is my second outing this summer. I have to blog my entire Bantayan experience still. I cannot afford not to blog about it because I had so much fun with my blogger friends. And soon I will be going somewhere still “beachy” but more lets us say, world-renowned. I want to use my usual (Wink) at the end but it is kind of overused these days so I will just leave you guys with a smile and a “tongue-out”, just like the emoji. 😛



First Outfit:

Pink Cuban Collar Shirt by Commissioned

Black Shorts by Thrifted

Second Outfit:

Tie-Dye T-Shirt by Thrifted

Ripped Denim Shorts by Forever 21 Men

Black Bandana by SM Department Store

Art Direction By: Lloyd Chua

Styling By: Lloyd Chua

Photo Post-Processing By: Lloyd Chua