KKarma is my theme this year for my birthday because I really believe in it. We all know we have a slight belief on this law of cause and effect. I don’t know about you guys but I don’t know anybody who can’t relate a blessing as a result of a good deed or a disaster as a prize of a horrendous act. Karma for me is a thing because I believe God or the cosmos has a way of keeping everything in balance. I wouldn’t dare believe that there is no force that will hunt a doer of an atrocious doing he or she did.

I smile


It’s on its way.


It is hard to believe but I smile when I think of Karma. I admit I sometimes think that Karma will just take care of the people who have wronged me but I also think that good things happen when I persevere. This thought keeps me going when I feel uninspired and feeling lonely. That is why I smile because Karma can be a good thing.


A good example is my blogger friends from Cebu Bloggers Society. I know that they are my good Karma. Maybe it is Karma’s way to replace my old estranged friends. I am really blessed to have them as a family. That is why I celebrated with them at the exact date of my birthday. One of the happiest birthday celebrations I ever had.


Speaking of my birthday celebration, we celebrated at the Camden Café. I always make a fuss about the celebration so that I can kick off a year of good things that is on it’s way on my life. I asked my friends to wear any shade of pastel. As for me, I wore this black printed button down shirt and a cream pair of trousers for it to be still is in-line to the pastel theme. For the footwear, I wore a white pair of sneakers to make myself look taller. It is because it can give an illusion of long legs and a pair of glasses for a finishing nerdy touch.

Photogaphed By: Ken Triana


Black Polo Shirt by BURTON

Gray Jacket by BURTON

Cream Trousers by Forever 21 MEN

Spectacles by Shop At Blair

White Sneakers by Fred Perry

Thank you guys for reading! I was less dramatic this year. Last year’s post was very dramatic and ambitious with all the rain and lights but I promise you 2017 would be full of many style posts. I can’t wait to experience 2017 with you guys! See you!