CChristmas is in the air! Soon we’ll be attending “Simbang Gabis” either here in Cebu or like me in our respective hometowns. With that, we can all have that legit reason/ excuse to fashion or style ourselves like we’re going to a snowstorm. (LOL) Anyway, Christmas isn’t for our selfish reasons. Christmas, First and foremost, means the birth of our Lord. It also means family and the season of thanksgiving. So let me remind you fellow Cebuanos, Filipinos, fashionistos and stylists to be grateful this season with an excerpt of a song to sum it all up.

“Look at the stars,

Look how they shine for you,

And everything you do,

Yeah, they were all yellow.”

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Look How They Shine For You

I feel like I’m getting sentimental and mushy. It is so not I but… I have to and we have to. We have to stop and show all those people who have been a blessing in our lives. We have to thank everybody that has been there for us. And I am talking about our parents, families, friends, colleagues that have given us what we have now, even our enemies. Show all of them that they shine in your eyes.


And Everything You Do

It is also our time to give back. Let them feel that they have a place in your life. Even a small thank you is enough. Or better yet, give time to those people.  A simple effort can do wonders. Of course, let’s include our enemies. (I know, it is a harsh term.) If we can’t make peace with them at least include them in our prayers. (If you could, it’s not mandatory, though. HAHA!)


Yeah, They Were All Yellow

I seldom use yellow unless it is a subdued hue of it. It is because, in my case, I find it hard to style. With this ensemble, the bonnet takes all the attention. Imagine if my pants or shoes were yellow. I would look shorter because as I’ve said many times in my previous style and fashion posts that we should always be strategic in placing the focal pieces of clothing in our outfits. It is also strategic that all the remaining colors of my clothes are either black or white even the shoe. I just let the yellow bonnet shine.

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Photographed by: Ken Triana


Yellow Bonnet by H&M

Black Basic Tee by TOPMAN

Black and White Varsity Jacket by Forever 21 Men

Black Joggers by SM Department Store

Black Sneakers by Bershka

Did you like this week’s outfit guys? Would you wear it on one of your “Simbang Gabis”? Ciao!