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HHey, guys! I guess you’re fresh from the Halloween festivities in Cebu or from whatever you are from? I bet you fashioned yourselves to be very scary. Your struggling Cebu men fashion & style blogger, however, haven’t attended any Halloween parties. I just went home to Leyte. Leyte is life! Haha! It’s always been a tradition since college that I should go home and pay respects to my dearly departed.

cebu fashion style blogger men philippines


L is for light and simple. I want this blog post to be light. My previous fashion / style post was a bit of a rant. I miss this kind of posts where I just document everything and anything that is going on with my life.  This blog is my personal diary with illustrations. Wow! That is a nice thought. I want my blog to be about style and fashion in Cebu but upon closer inspection, it is also a personal blog. I am indeed a personal style blogger as I pointed out in my earlier post.

“Anyhoo”, as you can see on what I’m wearing, it is all light and simple too. I want to take a breather from the dark and scary motif of Halloween so I went completely opposite and wore pastel colors. Don’t these colors just make you happy and giddy inside? Well, I was.

cebu fashion style blogger men philippinescebu fashion style blogger men philippines


I fell in love with this salmon shirt. It is one size bigger than my usual shirt size. I’m usually a small or an extra small but this is medium sized. Oversized shirts for men are on trend, especially for my style: the street or urban style.  For an added bonus a bigger sized shirt can hide our little love handles and tummy bumps. I have lots of fats! (Sigh…) I paired the shirt with my matching light blue almost white denim skinny jeans and long sleeve tee for a contrast and to be consistent of the light and simple theme. My long sleeve tee was wrapped around my waist for layering. I don’t want to completely wear it because it will completely cover my nice salmon shirt.

cebu fashion style blogger men philippinestopman casio shoes watch men blogger cebu


My cap matches with my jeans and shirt too. It has an L on it! Guess where did I buy it. Well… at the thrift store! Haha! Don’t you like it? I wore my white sneakers to complete everything. And oh I forgot I wore my gold Casio watch for a pop of color. It is a simple and subtle addition but gives a great impact on the outfit. Without the watch, I would look boring and my pastel clothes would wash me out so if you would opt to wear all pastel, try wearing accessories that pop.

cebu fashion blogger style men


Salmon Tee by TOPMAN

Light Blue Skinny Jeans by TOPMAN

Light Blue Denim Long Sleeve Shirt by ZARA

White Sneakers by ZARA

Light Blue L-Cap by Thrifted

Gold Watch by CASIO

I hope you guys like my outfit. This post is composed of 500 words more or less – so much for making it light and simple. Haha! Anyway, see you on my next entry!