The All-New Mitsubishi Triton Hits Philippine Shores

The wait is finally over! Mitsubishi Motors has introduced the highly awaited All-New Mitsubishi Triton to the Philippines this year. Packed with a perfect blend of power, innovation, and style, this new addition to the Mitsubishi family promises to redefine the driving experience for adventure enthusiasts and road trippers alike.

Discovering the All-New Mitsubishi Triton

The all-new Mitsubishi Triton isn’t just a vehicle; it’s a gateway to new possibilities. With a powerful and innovative design, this model is engineered to tackle both urban streets and rugged terrains, offering drivers and passengers an unparalleled journey of exploration.

mitsubishi triton car lloyd chua cebu

The All-New Mitsubishi Triton: Unleashing Adventure

Packed with power and innovation, it beckons drivers and passengers to embark on new adventures, rediscover the hidden beauty of the Philippines, and savor the pure joy of life both on and off the road.

  • Powerful Performance: Engineered to tackle urban streets and rugged terrains.
  • Innovative Design: A perfect blend of style and functionality.
  • Adventure-Ready: Built for those who seek excitement and exploration.

Nationwide Launch

Last January 26, Mitsubishi geared up for their grand launch of the All-New Triton. The unveiling took place simultaneously in the cities of Manila and Cebu, promising a spectacle of automotive excellence.

The Pre-Launch Festivities

  • Mitsubishi brought the Triton closer to Filipinos as they let Filipino drivers experience the Triton up close and personal at the Sinulog Mall exhibit at SM Seaside Cebu City from January 14–18.
  • Drivers immersed themselves in the Triton’s features, and they also let the Triton join the Sinulog Grand Float Parade on January 21. Surely, Cebuanos caught a glimpse of this powerful vehicle before it officially hit the roads.
mitsubishi triton car lloyd chua cebu

Taralets Pinas Campaign: Celebrating Filipino Adventure

As Triton took the grand entrance, Mitsubishi Motors Philippines also introduced the Taralets Pinas! campaign, a nationwide celebration of the Filipino spirit of adventure. Encouraging everyone to explore the cultural treasures of the Philippines, this campaign is not just a journey; it’s an immersion into new experiences.

Taralets Pinas! invites every Filipino to embrace their adventurous spirit and discover the beauty of the Philippines. This is a movement encouraging us all to say, “Tara, let’s explore!”

mitsubishi triton car lloyd chua cebu

Get ready for a thrilling double-feature from Mitsubishi Motors Philippines—the grand launch of the All-New Triton and the Taralets Pinas! campaign. The road ahead is filled with possibilities, and Mitsubishi is leading the way. Follow the journey, share your adventures, and let’s celebrate the joy of exploration together!