HHi, guys! How are you doing? I was quite busy of some of Cebu’s fashion and style events. That’s why it’s been a long time that I posted an outfit post here on my blog. And well… I was busy too with my procrastination. Bad blogger. (LOL) Anyway, here we are with my personal style post. As we all know, Cebu has experienced a water shortage and for some of us, including me, we’ll have to save some H2O. PAGASA, the Philippines’ national meteorological and hydrological services agency, has stated that the rainy season has officially started but we haven’t fully experienced the downpour yet. I’m all set for the rainy season and I just can’t wait.

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Aside from the reasons above, I’m ecstatic. It is because I’m all for the fashion when we get into the damp weather just because of… Layering! (LOL) I’ve been talking about this time and again but I can’t just stop because it’s a huge deal when nailing a look. I love to pile ‘em up because the possibilities are endless! I’m not saying we could not do it on our outfits during the summer period. I’ve been doing all  that this summer but I know some of you guys are just keen on putting clothes on top of another when the temperature drops because it gets humid with all that pile of clothing on you.

cebu blogger fashion style men bloggers philippines

Black was the major color, if not all, for this particular outfit. I decided to go all black because I like the yellow and white details of this varsity jacket to just pop. Imagine if I went and wore white sneakers with this outfit. The focal point would be the white shoes and I would look shorter because the first thing the eye catches is the pair of shoes. I have to mention though that the black jacket and shirt underneath were bought from a thrift store. I haven’t really gone shopping to thrift stores here in Cebu. This particular piece was love at first sight and it’s a steal at that. (Wink)

The all black theme was also a nice contrast to the white sky as well as the blue bridge and the sea. As I mentioned in my earlier post, I like bridges. This time, I went directly at the tail end of one. This is the Marcelo Fernan Bridge by the way. It is one of the places that I featured in my 10 Instagram-worthy places within and near metro Cebu.

cebu blogger fashion style men bloggers philippines

So do you like my latest outfit post, guys? Let me know below! “Hart” “Hart” 😉


Black Varsity Jacket by Thrifted

Black Shirt by Thrifted

Black Spray On Skinny Jeans by TOPMAN

Black Onyx Beaded Bracelet by Gems & Designs

Black Shoes by Bershka