N“No guts. No Glory.” has been my motto since I was a child. I was a shy kid way back and even up to now but I believe I have improved a bit. (LOL) Anyway, that motto immediately came up when I had my 20-feet first jump in the canyon. That leap of faith was the first thing you do to start the whole adventure, mind you. You need some extent of courage in you in order for you to complete the whole trip. I love adventures and all but this involves jumping several feet, and repeating it a few times! Well, I signed up for it and I’m with my best friends. So, might as well do it. YOLO!

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Our roughly 5-hour journey from Matutinao, Badian to Kawasan Falls composed of sliding on rock formations, hiking on riverbeds, swimming under the spectacular canyons, and, of course, jumping off it. The whole undertaking is like having a field trip, for the amazing view, mixed with Physical Education (P.E.) drills just like in High School.

Sorry, am I making it sound dreadful and tiring? It is dreadful to jump from the canyons and tiring to trek to Kawasan, but that is the beauty of canyoneering. It is a jam-packed summer escapade that involves adrenaline and communion with Mother Nature. It makes you never regret doing the whole thing in the first place. Take it from me. I felt I had a fill already of my summer travel at the end of it. I would definitely recommend doing it at least once in your life.

cebu-lloyd-chua-travel-canyoneering-badian (1 of 1)-3canyoneering badian cebu travel lloyd blogger summer

We chose to ride a van and it took us approximately 3 hours to reach Badian of South Cebu. If you decide to ride a bus from Cebu City, you can catch it in the South Bus terminal. I recommend starting the journey to Badian early in the morning so that there is enough time for the 5-hour canyoneering and a little rest after. Our guide instructed us to bring rubber shoes and also dry food for lunch if you want to have lunch along the way. Don’t forget to bring your waterproof cameras so that you can document everything and bring memories of course. By the way, our super friendly and accommodating guide is Mr. Niño Motus. You can add him on Facebook for scheduling and price inquiries. He’ll fill you up on some tips on what to bring and expect.

canyoneering badian cebu travel lloyd blogger summer

So there, this is my first summer travel for 2016 and I hope not my last. How about you guys? Planning to go somewhere these coming summer months? Where would that be? Let me know and comment below! Seeya!

[advanced_gmaps fullwidth=”true” height=”400″ latitude=”9.865″ longitude=”123.396″ address=”Matutinao, Badian (Starting Point)” latitude_2=”9.7993194″ longitude_2=”123.3811961″ address_2=”Kawasan Falls (End Point)” zoom=”14″ pan_control=”true” draggable=”true” zoom_control=”true” map_type_control=”true” scale_control=”true” img=”” modify_coloring=”true” hue=”#B1A193″ saturation=”-50″ lightness=”10″ el_class=””]