The Belmont Hotel Boracay BEACH KEYHOLE

This year’s summer wasn’t that eventful, to say the least. Compared to last year’s summer, this year is boring. Every year there’s a new travel destination to explore. Well… except for 2020, because we all know what happened. I still had eventful summertime outings even in summer 2021 when Covid is still pretty wide spread.

The Belmont Hotel Boracay BEACH KEYHOLE

That is why I really made sure that this Boracay should push through. My friends and I planned this trip a month or two ahead. We pondered where and what hotel we should stay in. It would be my second visit to the island. My first Boracay stay was way back in 2018 and it was because of work. It was just newly reopened and there weren’t many tourists at that time. I want to experience Boracay bustling with people but still practicing health precautions. A friend suggested that we should stay at Belmont Hotel Boracay as it is located on the new side of Boracay, which is called Boracay Newcoast. 


belmont boracay travel philippines

The staff and hotel officers welcomed us warmly upon entering Belmont Hotel Boracay. They even provided us with refreshments, fruits and wine at our accommodation. As a staff member had mentioned, we were home. It isn’t bad to treat our room as our home though. It is very clean and modern with a balcony overlooking the mountains and the swimming pool below. The bathroom is spacious. It is equipped with a hot and cold shower and filled with toiletries. The bed is also very comfortable. I remember whenever we return to our rooms after a full day and night, I immediately think of going to bed right away. 


belmont boracay travel philippines
Breakfast Buffet

My friend and I agreed to wake up early to fully enjoy our Boracay stay. We three are morning people anyway. After doing their workout routines every morning, we would promptly proceed to the breakfast buffet next to the lobby. As a standard operation hour for hotel breakfast buffets, they open at exactly 6AM until closing at 10 in the morning. The food itself is very satisfying. Enough to satisfy one’s morning hunger. They have an array of choices for dishes, drinks, fruits and breads. And as our stomachs are fully stuffed, we go to our rooms again and prepare for the day. What’s next? Pay the beachfront a visit perhaps?


The Belmont Hotel Boracay BEACH

One of the things I love about Belmont is the near proximity to the beach. Belmont Hotel Boracay has an exclusive beach front and we totally enjoyed staying there. I was accustomed to sharing the beach with a lot of people in Boracay from stations one to four the last time I was in Boaracay. It is a welcome change to my Boracay experience that I can have pretty much the beach to myself if I want to. What sets the Boracay Newcoast and Belmont different from other hotel properties in Boracay is the Keyhole. The Keyhole is a rock formation with a huge hole in it. I really don’t know why it is called such, but it really adds beauty to the landscape in the Boracay Newcoast. People from other parts of the island visit it. It is pretty much a tourist attraction. 

belmont boracay travel philippines

On the fourth or fifth day of the place that I’m traveling to, I would always feel homesick. That feeling of I miss home and I want back home immediately. This time around, it is different. I don’t know why. Maybe because we were told “We’re home” or maybe we just had an overall relaxing experience. We did not have a super jam-packed activity list. Our days comprised of a good mix of just chilling and activities. I liked it. One thing is for sure though. Our accommodation, the food and the amenities really did wonders for our enjoyment of our Boracay stay. I wouldn’t mind going back, doing and having everything twice.