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II vowed to myself this year that I would be traveling more. To those places that I’ve never been. To acquire new experiences and to broaden my horizons, if you will.

But you’ve already guessed it right. Summer is my favorite season! So, it is only fitting that most of my travels would be cramped in on this season. Just thinking about the possibilities now excites me. Ohhh, summer…

*Cue in on why La Union of all places.


San Juan, La Union doesn’t have the best sand. When you’re living in Cebu for a while and you have been to Palawan, you’ll get underwhelmed. The place is also not that equipped to accommodate a large number of tourists. We went there last Holy week and there were a lot of people. The roads are not that widened and some of the resorts don’t have a proper parking area. No brainer, the roads are really cramped.


But who wouldn’t love Elyu? People visit San Juan, La Union because of the vibe and people. The surfer’s vibe: chill. I always wanted to experience that and so I did. Everyone is summer ready with their outfits. They brought their strong beach styling game. I don’t know if it was the norm though.

There are a lot of food places and coffee shops to try as well. I would definitely recommend lunch at Tagpuan then coffee at El Union Coffee. Dinner would be at Flotsam Jetsam then stay there for the party until the wee hours. When it comes to breakfast, I would recommend at Makai Bowls for that healthy boost and recovery.

Partying at Elyu needs to have another paragraph. Haha! So yeah, we partied at Flotsam and Jetsam and we REALLY enjoyed it. The music was good and such is the booze. Did I even mention the crowd was phenomenal? Haha! The place is super near the beach so you can really hangout beachside afterward.

I would definitely go back to La Union. Maybe still during the peak season because I’m not really the surfer kind. I’m more into the beach and chill or yeah… Maybe I’ll try going there when there’s no crowd. I don’t know. Haha! Indecisive me kicks in but I’m already decided to that I (ELYU) SO BAD: SAN JUAN LA UNION. Maybe you should too? Ciao!